Carla Reed Piano

528 Hz Grand Piano Originals


Exquisite and Healing Sounds of a 6 ft Grand Piano Professionally Tuned to A-444 Hz. The new tuning enables me to play in the Key of C, utilizing and enhancing the 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency for a pure, clarified sound.


Uniquely Different Music!  First of Its Kind!  By Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher  Carla Reed.


All piano music albums are original, spontaneously played, recorded, and professionally duplicated for sound quality and your enjoyment. Some are surprised to hear I am not a trained piano player.  Instead, I’ve developed my own unique style of using chord structure to create and improvise the melodies I hear. Providing you with beautiful, easy listening, background music to support you in any atmosphere, home or workplace; complimentary, peaceful, and inspiring.


Original & customized piano tracks for healing centers and media productions are available.


I’d be delighted to provide live piano music for your public or private event, created just for you in the moment.



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