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I love this woman and love the gift of sound that she carries so gracefully in her expressions that take you to heavenly places of comfort, peace, visions, and dreams, places where the Presence of God can minister to you body, soul, and spirit. I have given many of her CD's as gifts, and never tire of hearing them myself. One of the first things I do every morning is turn my CD player on and soak my home in them. I can guarantee you that you will not regret purchasing any of her CD's.


Dara, WA




I love Carla Reed's music. I have three of them and I will have to add this to my collection. Thanks for sharing.


Robin, WA




I too, am very much enjoying it. And plan to "share the wealth" with many others -- thank you,


Susan, WA



This is soothing to the core! If you like soothing frequencies playing in your home, this is it.


Bernadette ,WA




I am so blessed to be able to use Dream Echo in my Cellular Side of Healing workshops. Carla Reed's music is beautiful, original and so inspirational! I can do anything and everything goes together so well when I am listening to her CD's. You have to try them out for yourself! They make beautiful gifts.


Kathi, ID




We love all the tracks - really lovely music - thank you so much Carla.


Amanda – Maria, Australia




I had attended a weekend meditation workshop and was sitting at the end of the day, just reflecting on how wonderful the day had been.  I was playing for the first time a CD that was attached to the back of a book I was reading.   All of a sudden I stopped and really listened to what I was hearing.  It was unique something I had never heard before.  I was filled with this feeling of unbelievable love.  The music was loving me!  I felt tears dripping down my cheeks, they were not sad tears but tears of joy.  I went over and look at the name on the CD and it was your name.


Since, that time, I started playing your music in my yoga classes during the time of relaxation.


I had friends buy the book, I Believe, just so they could get the CD because the CD had a different name on it.  I found your website and I am so happy because now I know where I can get your music.  Thank you, and may we all be peaceful and happy :)


Evelyn, FL




Hello, I just listen to the sample of your Keys That Heal, and I am blown

away. The most beautiful music I have ever heard. I want one.


Serrilla, TN



Copyright 2016 Carla Reed

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